Obama Health Care Plan

PRESIDENT OBAMA marked the 90-day anniversary of signing the health care bill into law by saying that Americans across the country are already seeing the effect of the health care bill.

The insurance rules, all of which are set out in the new law, were put in the bill by the Obama administration and its Democratic allies to provide Americans with some early protections until the insurance market is completely overhauled in 2014.

The regulations, all of which were outlined in the original legislation, include:

• Barring insurance plans, with some exceptions, from denying coverage to children under 19 with preexisting medical conditions.
• Prohibiting insurers from rescinding coverage except in clear cases of fraud.
• Prohibiting insurance companies from imposing lifetime limits on what they will pay for care.
• Banning insurers from imposing annual limits of less than $750,000 on coverage of essential benefits including maternity care, emergency services and pharmaceuticals. (The minimum annual limit would rise to $2 million by 2014.)
• Prohibiting insurers from requiring that their customers get prior approval before getting emergency care outside the provider network.

With some exceptions, insurance plans starting after September will no longer be able to deny coverage to children under 19 with pre-existing medical conditions or to rescind coverage except in clear cases of fraud.

In all polls, independent voters are more disapproving of Obama and of the Democrats’ health legislation than not.
There have, though, been some instances where the influence of powerful corporate lobbies has been clear. They won obvious victories in defeating amendments on the floor or in committee on issues such as drug reimportation from abroad, bringing online generic drugs to market more quickly, and closing the so-called Medicare prescription drug “donut hole” (by which Medicare covers prescription costs up to $2,700 and over $6,154 but not in between).

What are the initial changes Americans will experience in the new Health Care bill?
Do you feel the changes in the health care payment system will be better for America?
Why do so many Americans seem to be against the new health care bill?
what does the new health care bill mean for middle class americans?

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  1. As a family that must purchase it's own insurance, I have seen prices go up significantly. Each year we must increase our deductible to keep our monthly premium manageable. If prices go up again next year, we will be forced to choose between paying for 2 children in college or buying health insurance.